• what if?...how about?...

    What if?...How about?...



    Why can't we all be happy? live in peace with no worries and without those "negative" thoughts about money, job, life, illness...

    Why can't we learn to help needy people without any expectations of getting paid or having a gift for doing it...

    solidarity , philanthropy and brotherhood are very important not just for needy people; they have many advantages for the  society and for the ones who's doing them...

    First of all let's talk about the importance of solidarity and philanthropy for needy people:

    it gives the chance for "unlucky people" to live like a normal person; to eat more everyday; to boost their "bad" circumstances; thanks to donating organs they can start a new life; get a job or to complete their study; to raise their children; to smile; to laugh; to enjoy life to its fullest; to stop their suicidal ideas and give them hope; it's the reason of our existence isn't it?!

    next the philanthropy and solidarity ; have many advantages like ameliorating the economy since everybody works; improve the relationships between others and create more doctors; engineers; lawyers; teachers ..Since everybody studies and get the baccalaureate.

    Also the solidarity will provide many advantages for you, donator, voluntary worker, philanthropist or even adopter:

    You will have the chance to make someone smile and feel the great happiness inside you, you will create a good karma; you'll become wiser  by time; learn how to love others and never be that  superior guy, also you'll have a good heart and don't we forget make new friends and get a new member in your family.

    So yeah everybody let's do some philanthropy from time to time



                       ♠   sarah  ♠

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