• Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces

    Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces


    Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces is the fourth studio album by South African post-grunge band Seether. The album was released in South Africa and Switzerland on October 19, 2007, and released worldwide on October 23, 2007. The cover artwork was designed by David Ho, the same artist who designed the Vicious Delicious cover for Infected Mushroom. The covers apparently display the same character: Candice the Ghost.[6] Three singles, "Fake It", "Rise Above This" and "Breakdown" have been released from the album with all three being top 10 singles, the former two reaching the top position on several Billboard charts, despite negative reviews, scoring a 39% on Metacritic.[7] The album was reissued in 2009, featuring a fourth single, a cover of George Michael's "Careless Whisper", the final single from the album. It is the first Seether album to reach gold status in their home country, South Africa.




    Track listing:

    "Like Suicide" - 4:14

    "Fake It" - 3:13

    "Breakdown" - 3:29

    "FMLYHM" - 3:28

    "Fallen" - 4:18

    "Rise Above This" - 3:23

    "No Jesus Christ" - 7:05

    "Six Gun Quota" - 3:23

    "Walk Away from the Sun" - 4:13

    "Eyes of the Devil" - 5:00

    "Don't Believe" - 4:34

    "Waste" - 4:26

    "Careless Whisper" 2 - 5:01

    "Careless Whisper (Strings Version)" 2 - 4:26

    "Quirk" 1 (iTunes pre-order) - 3:46

    "Naked" (B-side) - 3:30

    "Left for Dead" (B-side) - 4:00

    "Untitled" (B-side) - 3:50 1Demo version of "Fake It" was apparently recorded in Morgan's bedroom. 2Later versions of the album, pressed after the release of these tracks, were released with these tracks added on.


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